Cultivator Advertising & Design’s (Denver) first work for their new client, is also their client’s first agency-created advertising. The concept, which avoids the outdoor footwear clichéd stepping-over-a-rock photo, puts a spotlight on feet instead of the shoes. Along with the new tag, “Fit for Adventure,” it positions Chaco as footwear for people who are adventurous (Chaco’s Z-strap system offers a secure fit). Over large photographs of four pairs of bare feet are layers of illustrations depicting activities from kayaking to hang-gliding and harmonica-playing to dog-walking. The footwear is shown relatively small and, contrary to usual ad practice, appears in well-used, not new, condition. The small budget media strategy is to be a major presence in “tribal” titles, as opposed to an also-ran in the larger circulation books, so the ads are running in outdoor and wellness niche magazines. like Mountain Gazette, Breathe, Adventure Sports, Yoga Journal and Momentum.

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