To a target audience of NGOs working around the world, this site showcases the extensive film and photographic portfolio of a Washington, DC-based production team, Still Life Projects, and their experience working in difficult conditions.

Projects are presented in either list or map view (all the locations where the team has worked, and can be filtered by type, client, location and artist enabling visitors to easily find specific types of projects. Because the team travels so much and needs to be able to tell stories of their trips, the most dynamic portion of the site is the blog.

• From concept to completion, it took one year to produce the site.

• The biggest technical challenge was navigating around the strength and weaknesses of Flash and HTML.

• The site contains over 300 photos.

• A custom Flex admin for the projects, video and images and an integrated WordPress admin for the blog give the team the ability to post from anywhere in the world. No matter how slow the connection or the type of computer, the team can easily update not only the blog but also add a point to the map, create a new project or change anything on the home page.

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