by Rebecca Bedrossian

The day after Christmas, I met photographer Kate Brooks for lunch in San Francisco. It was our first meeting, in person, though I felt as if I already knew her. I had written an article on Kate for our November/December 2009 issue, gathering insights and information virtually over a period of months.

Kate was in town visiting family, and we spoke of our families, travel, Afghanistan, places we'd most like to visit (the Scottish Highlands being in the top five for both of us), Wikileaks, nature, fear, the media, assignments (and how they've changed in the current economic climate), President Obama, kids, future plans, writing and the book she's working on.

Sipping a Bloody Mary, she told me she'd be heading back to Afghanistan in January. At 33, it's a regular occurrence to travel there, with the military, or to Pakistan and Israel. Her work, and its risks, and her dedication, give me pause. Writing her story was a career highlight for me. I'm looking forward to our next meeting.

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