The structure of this Annual Review for American Portfolios, a Long Island-based financial services company, is unlike most annual reports; not divided into the traditional four sections, one for each quarter, but into three, it uses a triathlon metaphor, which proved extremely appropriate given the financially trying and emotionally and physically draining time of 2009. Baltimore, Maryland-based Exit 10 Advertising made the logic of three make sense in a world based on four: The company has three business units (American Portfolios Advisors, American Portfolios Investments and American Outsources). The budget was limited and the turnaround was tight so the team approached a group of photographers that specialize in shooting sporting events. Coupled with textures collected from a bike and running shoes and printed using a conventional halftone on economical stock (so not to appear flashy in light of the past year’s hardships), the images tell the story of the company for 2009. The very last of a well-known triathlete, was a cliff hanger; the entire concept could have fallen apart if they hadn’t received the release to show his face.

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