The news and information site for Tufts University is targeted toward university staff and faculty but is also visited by external audiences such as prospective students and alumni.

The biggest challenge was in presenting a design that highlights the rich editorial content in an unadorned and modern way that is also in compliance with the well-known university’s existing identity. The result is a successful visual solution that’s informative and engaging and presents editorial content in multiple ways.

• Kept small and targeted to three primary roles the development team consisted of a designer, a developer and an editor. The project started in March 2010 and launched in early July.

• The content management system is the open source WordPress.

• The navigation was structured to present stories in multiple ways and to allow flexibility for highlighting older content.

• A promotional e-mail, based on the visual characteristics of the main site, went out to a university distribution list. The site’s received 30 percent more visits than in the same period the previous year.

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