Coda is a California-based manufacturer of all-electric car and battery systems. The company’s credo is positive energy and the belief that together we can reduce our independence on oil and lead the way to a cleaner future. This site navigates eco-consumerism and the electric car in a beautiful visual display that takes people from technology to logistics to an understanding of renewable energy.

A series of infographics give advocates a way to share and illustrate ways to change the world while communicating the future of carbon emissions, current oil consumption and the evolution of the electric vehicle. It helps people visualize the impact and inefficiency of oil and a tool called Range Phobia creates a better understanding of how charging works and the drivable distances that people can expect after a charge.

The nav is based on the idea of ever-changing modules of content; instead of having static content that lives within a complex dropdown nav, modules are the core elements for getting around the site. The structure makes the content accessible and makes it simple to add new features, without breaking the structure.

• For this first phase of the site there were 60 days from concept to completion—30 days of design, 30 days of dev—and a couple of extra weeks for QA and tweaks.

• Andrew Tilin, who previously wrote for both Outside and Business 2.0, contributed articles in the Clearing the Air blog to provide his point-of-view on influential industry issues that affect the electric vehicle market.

• In order to minimize load times, site content is cached every time updates are made; all pages are rendered on-demand from content stored in the database.

• The front end is primarily standards-based HTML, CSS and Javascript, with a limited presence of Flash components (95 percent of the site can be viewed without plug-ins or a high-end browser). The backend is built on top of ModX, a PHP-based content management system.

• An iPad app is in development as is print and out-of-home advertising.

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