by Rebecca Bedrossian

In the August 2006 Fresh section, photographer Mimi Haddon said, “When I work with a model I want to see what he or she
does without direction. I
minored in modern dance in college and learned a lot about expressing through
movement and gesture. Sometimes it’s the slightest adjustment or movement in a
person’s expression or in a person’s hand that makes the difference between
taking a nice picture and creating an amazing image that you can live with for
a lifetime.”

Mimi’s love of color, light and shadow reigned supreme four years ago in Fresh. Since then, her
work has evolved, but that basic foundation—color,
gesture, playful and retro themes—have remained, and shine, in the November/December Mimi Haddon feature, by Anne Telford.

Radiant complexions, scarlet lips, artfully balanced hats,
all add to the eye candy appeal of her color-drenched portraits.

Mimi’s pictures weave magical, mysterious, happy and elegant stories on their own. And then you read her captions, which reveal both inspiration and serendipity. I am awed by her ability to see. Her work has heightened my awareness. Thanks Mimi!

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