Banksy Rat Mural on Canal Street, Chinatown, New York City
Image by caruba
Behold! The latest Banksy rat mural, right on Canal St and West Broadway. This one is particularly clever—look closely: yes, it is finished! 🙂

This means I am now passing by two of these murals on my way to work, and a third one is right there in the Soho / Chinatown area as well, to be uploaded shortly.

I was lucky enough to snap a picture of the work in progress, to be posted in comments below.

Update 11/18/08
I noticed today that it is gone 🙁

// Enjoy this feed From Flickr that includes emerging artists street art from around the world.

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14 thoughts on Banksy Rat Mural on Canal Street, Chinatown, New York City

  1. caruba

    I know! It’s so meta!

    Allowed to put up the murals? Most likely. These happen in broad daylight, with a huge painter’s ledge, and it’s really the opposite of stealthy. I assume they are commissioned, yes.

  2. Hryck.

    My first thought was, "damn, why they have to cover this up???"

    One of the things I heard most recently is that if you want to put up graffiti, it’s best to do it in broad daylight, with the semblance of authority on you. I remember a story of a guy that got away with tagging the subway tunnels in New York for years because he had a transit authority uniform.