by Rebecca Bedrossian

Thanksgiving Day 1968, my grandparents arrived in New York,
not knowing English or about the holiday. They were served a traditional turkey
dinner. My grandmother thought, “What a country!” From then on, in our family,
it was a holiday about giving thanks, literally, for being in the U.S.

This year, I’m hosting Thanksgiving for the first
time and it has me thinking about what it means, above and beyond, food, family and football. And so I’m starting a tradition that one of my colleagues told me about: Writing what we’re thankful for on a white tablecloth with
Sharpies, to be taken out year after year. A reminder of the important things—in the big picture—that are often drowned out by some of the inconsequential noise of our everyday lives. 

I will record two things: friendship and health.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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