by Rebecca Bedrossian

The results from our 51st Advertising Competition are now online. And the beauty of the online experience is watching the TV spots. TV Commercials made a surprisingly big showing in this year’s Annual. Clients still see value in this form of advertising, and there are some really clever, creative spots for FedEx, Snickers, Kimberly-Clark, Old Spice, just to name a few, that will make you laugh out loud.

I can’t help but mention one TV spot, created by Toronto-based agency Juniper Park, for Frito-Lay. “Removing” is a 60-second spot that beautifully, and emotionally, conveys the impact of the 100% compostable chip bag for SunChips. We all know the fate of the innovative, sustainable packaging: Frito-Lay pulled it amid complaints of it being too noisy.

What went wrong? It wasn’t the ad, which resonated with consumers. According to Suzanne Shelton, author of  “The Poor SunChips Bag: A Cautionary Tale” on Sustainable Life Media, “Because mainstream American consumers value their personal comfort more than they value the environment; 76% of us would choose our comfort or our convenience over the environment any day, and most of us wouldn’t give up many of the things we currently own if we thought they were harming the environment…A loud Sunchips bag flies in the face of our desire for comfort.  We
want the cool, compostable packaging, but we want it to sound, look and
feel exactly like what we’re used to.”

Commenting on this year’s winning work, juror Mylene Pollock said, “Big, simple, strong ideas that change human behavior are more important than ever.” And you’ll find plenty in the Ad Annual.

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