The American Cancer Society recently launched a unique campaign that marks the next phase of its movement to save lives; integrated with broadcast, print and online advertising elements, all components of the campaign drive people to this Web site.

Dozens of the biggest names in music and art have joined and generously donated their talent and time to amplify the More Birthdays voice. Musicians joining the campaign each perform their own special rendition of “Happy Birthday,” and artists create or donate work inspired by specific facts about how the American Cancer Society has progressed in fighting cancer.
Site visitors can also send e-cards and buy gift wrap, posters and limited-edition prints—all created from the exclusive art and music donated to the campaign.

From commerce (donations and purchases) and videos to navigation paths and transitions, site functionality is smooth and intuitive and available on all platforms and browsers. As selections are made, original content slides away as new content slides in; it’s a crisp, clear style that’s carried throughout the site. At every opportunity navigation paths utilizing callouts for logical next steps and a menu path in the header give visitors options for moving through the site.

• The team was briefed in early July and the site launched September 10 2010.

• The site launched with 25 musicians (among them, Justin Bieber, Keith Urban, Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat, Sean Kingston, Eric Carle, Maroon 5, Masha D’Yans) and 15 artists; two or three new artists/musicians are scheduled to be added each week.

• Powered by Drupal for the CMS and utilizing codeIgniter MVC for page rendering, the site is built in HTML5 with extensive use of jQuery. For video, the site uses the HTML5 native video playback with a Flash fallback.

• Although not anti-Flash (it’s used in the Gallery View), the developers pushed HTML to its limits to create the site experience and interaction.

• In the first two weeks since launch the site’s received over 100,000 visits, more than 1TB of media viewed, over 7,800 art/musician e-cards sent and 1,550 candles shared.

• Both musician and artist contributions have been turned into traditional advertising elements such as television, magazine and online ads.

• The site’s interactive gallery was built by ourvice and iamalwayshungry.

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