This came to us via our Flicker feed. Sounds like it was a  fantastic studio visit! Thanks to the team over at
Jonathan Levine

Image by Mike Vargas
It’s with great pleasure that we present this studio visit with the man, the myth, the legend…Doze Green. Besides being one of our favorite artists for the longest, he is now also one of our favorite humans.

Long story short, the man knows how to have a good time! But more importantly, he does so while inspiring everyone around him in the process.

In this episode of OFF THE WALL we simply feature Doze and his assistant Ian doing what they do best, paint and have fun. No interviews. No reasons. No justifications. Just a creative process. Enjoy…

Many thanks to Doze Green, Ian Kuali’i, Jonathan LeVine and especially Maléna Seldin for all the love and support in making this episode of OFF THE WALL a reality.


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