Mike Dirnt – detail of background
Chris Stain
Image by Logan Hicks
This is a detail from a piece that I did for the Green Day traveling art show. This piece is 30 X 30 Inches. It is a 6 color stencil with a laser etched background. The background is etched approximately 1/8 inch with icons that were inspired by various songs from the album.

For the show, I picked 18 artists and gave them lyrics to a song from the 21st Century Breakdown album. Each artist was instructed to use the lyrics as a jumping off point for their piece. The list of artists are:

Adam 5100(San Francisco)
Broken Crow (Minneapolis)
C215 (Paris)
Chris Stain (New York)
Component (Auckland)
Dabs / Myla (Melbourne)
Eelus (London)
Logan Hicks (New York)
Lucamaleonte (Rome)
M-City (Poland)
Meggs (Melbourne)
Jeremiah Garcia (Los Angeles)
Peat Wollaeger (St Louis)
Pisa 73 (Berlin)
Ron English (New York)
Sadhu (Paris)
Sixten (Sweden, Toronto)
The London Police (Amsterdam)
Will Barras (London)

In addition, I did portraits of the band members of Green Day. These portraits, along with the artwork from the other 18 artists, will travel with Green Day as they play venues on their current tour.

A catalogue will also be printed that features the lyrics, artwork, and bios of each artist.

I will be posting images of the other artwork in the next few days


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