Classic Street Art
Street art
Image by Dia™
Lindsey and I had tons of fun in Half Moon Bay the other day! Went out to lunch at some really nice restraunt down town and just kind of chilled. Before driving to Half Moon Bay, we figured we should try the coffee at the Ugly Mug, so we did! Yay for cafe mochas! Their coffee came in white to go cups, and Lindsey had a sharpie in her bag.

Deana + Sharpie + Blank coffee cup = Creative flow! Haha
Anyways, so I started drawing all over the cup in the car then remembered that sharpie goes through paper…oops… I was a little scared to drink the rest at the risk of having some nasty chemical from the sharpie that might have just happened to get in there. It was a waste of coffee, yet the remaining coffee did a good job as a paper weight because it was kind of windy down town.

Anywho, I’m walking around town with this cup of coffee and my mom tells me to throw it away, and Lindsey’s like hey! wait did you take a picture of it yet? and I’m like oops, nope, I didn’t. My Mom was going to make me throw it away anyway. So instead I just kind of put it on top of the garabage can for everyone to see.

Then we went off to lunch, and as we’re sitting there we come up with this idea to put the title of our little lame street art on it. So when we were finished eating we asked for a piece of blank paper from the waiter and wrote the classic obvious artists title.

"Coffee Cup on Garabage Can" LOL!

Anyway, my Mom had her blackberry and I had accidently left my camera in the car, so this is the only picture I have it. It was a wonderful day in the neighborhood, haha

// Enjoy this feed From Flickr that includes emerging artists street art from around the world.

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6 thoughts on Classic Street Art

  1. ~ Paloma~

    That’s brilliant Dia! You draw really nice I love that monster. Cool picture and I’m sure lots of people must had stop and look at the street art! :))

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)