Banksy “Maid”
Image by one-11
Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles

This "Maid" only lasted a few months. Word around town is Banksy was not happy with the quality of the piece, and returned to morph it into a totally different image: a stencil of an elderly lady in shoddy clothes, with the phrase "you looked better on myspace" beside her. In February 2008, Banksy evolved the old lady into a Neanderthal holding a platter of fast food.

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1 thought on Banksy “Maid”

  1. john8abalone

    Are you sure Banksy ever had anything to do with this at all? It is obviously inspired by his original, and now very well known, mural but this just doesn’t have quite the Banksy touch at all. I would guess it is an imitation. Was Banksy even in the USA at the relevent times?