Toronto-based Agency59 has worked with Amnesty International Canada for over a decade, on a variety of campaigns and just wrapped this notable project. Part of a campaign supporting Amnesty International’s petition calling for the release of Myanmar opposition leader and Nobel Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, the spot broke September 27 when it was played on massive digital screens in Toronto’s Dundas Square. At the end of the spot, people are invited to petition immediately via their mobile phones. The core insight, “If someone is watching (whether on the street, on TV or online), the violence will stop” is at the heart of the group’s global mission and it’s a compelling way to let people know they can make a difference. (Ironically, the spot was turned down by a network due to the violence in it.) The spot came together through the generous talents of Toronto’s production community and is also airing on national specialty channels in Canada, to promote general awareness of Amnesty International.

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