Welcome to Greenpoint
Chris Stain
Image by Logan Hicks
This is a mural that I did with Skewville and Chris Stain. It is a bit different than my ‘normal’ style. I took Chris Stain’s lead on this. I had asked him what he was thinking and he said he was leaning towards something nautical because Greenpoint was a working class ship building area back in the day. I tried to mirror his thinking. Chris and I are both from Baltimore which is a working class town, so we both come from that blue collar mindset. For me it was about the work force that was behind this. I have been doing these piece that have tons of people in them, and I had this image that i loved so I used that as the jump off point for my side (the "K"). I used the same color scheme (grey, black, red) that i normally use but tried to mix it up by using brush this time. In the end I think the execution parallels what Chris Stain does, so it holds together nicely

// From Flicker

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