by Rebecca Bedrossian

In just three weeks, Design Ethos will take place at SCAD in Savannah. The conference’s schedule promises lots to takeaway and digest; I’m participating in a panel discussion titled, Design, Diffusion & Dissemination, with Eric Benson and John Jennings.

In preparation for Design Ethos, I’ve been looking at CA’s past coverage of sustainability and the environment. In 1972, CA’s founder, Richard Coyne, devoted an entire issue to the Environment, because as he stated in his Editor’s Column, we’re all concerned about the deterioration of our environment. His reasons for the special issue still ring true, 38 years later, for communicators and designers:

We are generally more thoughtful, as bright, exposed to a broader range of information and opinions, harder working, and probably invested with a greater sense of conscience and principle. I might add that because we also have a developed sense of taste, lack of formal measure of our education, have no sanctioned professional status, achieve financial reward by pleasing the client (with all that can mean), we are often working well below our potential and are frequently frustrated. We are also plagued with nagging thoughts about the frivolity and inconsequential nature of much of what we do. That’s the thoughtful characteristic and conscience. Given a chance to do something “meaningful,” it usually turns out to be our best work.

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