new Banksy – Tesco Generation
Image by jordi.martorell
"Hordes of photographers descended on Savemain pharmacy in Essex Road, Islington, after so-called "guerrilla artist" Banksy painted a large mural on the wall. It depicts three children pledging allegiance to a flagpole with a Tesco plastic bag flying from it." Islington Gazette

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9 thoughts on new Banksy – Tesco Generation

  1. ro_jo_sul

    From that Islington article

    "And a passing police community support officer, who took a picture of the graffiti on her phone, said: "It is brilliant. It is children and they are playing with just a plastic bag. Children can play with the most simple things." She declined to be named."

    You’ve missed the point of it by a million miles love…

    And besides, is that official that graffiti is brilliant according to the law now?

  2. jordi.martorell

    You are right, isn’t it brilliant? children can play with the most simple things … including spray cans 🙂 that’s why the Banksy is now protected by a screen, just in case