Initiated by creatives at Amsterdam’s KesselsKramer and made in collaboration with HappyPets, INK is a collection of new short fiction composed around the subject of tattoos and printed in a special large format, in a limited and numbered edition of 250. Prompted by the observation that tattoos, and tattooing, are one of the more extreme changes that people can make in day-to-day life, it’s an exploration of people’s often unusual motivations. Each story takes a different tattoo as its starting point and uses that tattoo as a lynchpin for a sometimes true-ish, other times completely fanciful, work. The stories are wildly diverse and include drug-fueled trips to Thailand, heartbreak in a tsunami, a day in the worst neighborhood in America, Scottish teenagers running amuck and the world’s most precise tattoo artist. The stories, authored by writers from KesselsKramer and promising new voices from around the planet, inspired special one-off illustration by renowned Swiss designers HappyPets.

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