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On Saturday, September 25th 2010, I’ll be traveling to a remote mountain tribal village in the Philippines to help 2o families in need. As one of the last remaining tribes in the country, the Dumagats used to live mostly in coastal areas of Aurora and Quezon provinces and were lords of their own domain. However, due to population growth and development, they were pushed into the mountains, and dispersed into small groups.

Dumagats are semi-nomadic and speak up to six tribal languages. They move from place to place in search of better habitation. Recently, they have learned to live permanent settlements as their territories have become limited.

“Economically, they are very poor. Their livelihood ranges from hunting and gathering to having gardens and raising coconuts. These days, hunting and gathering are greatly reduced

due to depletion of forest resources caused by logging operations. Many of them now work as unskilled laborers for lowland farmers near their location. Most Dumagats are tied into a patron-client relationship with one or more lowlander families. In this relationship, the Dumagats gather rattan and trade it with the lowlander or they work for the lowlander. In turn, the lowlander gives them rice, tobacco, money, or other items. In many cases, Dumagats are abused, oppressed and are always on the losing end. Most of them are unable to determine the fair equivalent of goods being exchanged or services rendered. They depend on their relationship for their daily ration of food.” – Source:

Brooklyn Art Project will be traveling with the Rotary Club of San Juan Metro donating goods such as slippers, blankets, umbrellas and food to the tribes people and art supplies like crayons, drawing pads, paints will be given to the children to encourage their creativity. One of the reasons we started BAP was to leverage the reach of the web to make a difference in people’s lives the world over. As we grow we hope to further develop the “social” side of social media.

Thank you to all the BAP members who have helped us grow so we can do things like  this. BAP’s last outreach was a great success and included the donation of an art department to White Cross orphanage in metr0 Manila. The kids were grinning from ear to ear and immediately started playing with all the art supplies which included easels, sketchbooks, markers, crayons and paint sets. It was amazing to see how something as simple as art supplies can make these kids so incredibly happy. Nothing beats that feeling. Nothing at all.

We’ll be sure to share video and stills from our expedition right here on the BAP blog. Stay tuned.

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