Boro Park – Skateboards Old School Boys – 1976 70s Graffiti El Train
Image by Whiskeygonebad
1976 Old School Skateboard pose with Edgar, my brother John, and our tenant’s kid Jerry. I had them wait for that train in the background while I was on the floor with my Minolta SRT-102 w/20mm Vivitar 2.8 [rectilinear wide angle] Ektachrome home-developed. The 70s – Dig the cars from 33 years ago. See the largest size to see them and the graffiti-riddled train. I did not color-correct away the original cold, dusk bluish color temperature: It would look unnatural and it would have detracted from the end-of-the-day-feel of the photograph. A comment or question? See my other 70s pix set.
eks4003: Popeye Doyle and the French Connection were filmed on 60th street, this is 57th ST! I watched Gene Hackman being filmed over and over at the station after I came out on my 7th grade class. In the film we Brooklynites laugh at the chase scene because they keep passing Savarese Bakery on 60th over and over! p.s. My Brother, John, will turn 45 on Dec 23 2009.. THAT’S how long ago this was! I finally found the next shot that goes with this one! : Feel free to leave a comment….coooool! Hang loose!

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  1. Whiskeygonebad

    A reunion to dupe the shot? Sorry, many photo’s epochs are ephemeral:
    Edgar’s Mom took him back to PR many years ago. my brother works for Goldman Sacks [44yo] Jerry is I don’t know where. I can do this: I will go to thw station/corner where The French Connection was shot. I’ll even shoot Savarese Bakery which is still there!