Banksy Rat
Image by Jon Young UK
as viewed from liverpool anglican cathedral

to get an even better idea of the size check the no zoom version

// From Flicker

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13 thoughts on Banksy Rat

  1. Jon Young UK

    thanks for the comments and favourites everyone. this is my first photo to get into the explore/interestingness pages and while i fully realise that it is because of banksy’s skill and talent and not my own i’m still rather happy!

    8 hours ago: 170
    23 hours ago: 167
    34 hours ago: 221
    2 days ago: 208
    3 days ago: 231

    Highest position: 167 on Saturday, March 10, 2007(ranking is from fd’s flickr toys scout – )

    unfortunately it appears to be on its way down the table but nevermind.

  2. melfeasance

    I think you’re mistaken about its interestingness being because of Banksy. It is interesting because it’s a long shot. It tells us a lot about the context, the placement and composition of his work. There are a million pictures of his work closeup but few with regard to the surroundings – which is always relevant to what he does. You get a gold star.