Banksy piece in Bristol
Image by Angelina 🙂
People criticise the hype surrounding Banksy, and the quality of his work, the comment, and the value of street art. Personally, I think the vast majority of his stuff adds to the area around it. It is witty, causes conversation as well as controversy, and is rarely damaging to the cities he puts them in. He can come & paint on my wall…

// From Flicker

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12 thoughts on Banksy piece in Bristol

  1. elston

    I’m not sure, but isn’t this one of the ones that the community elected to save? I remember reading where the local police force was all set to remove one of these works, and the locals fought it.

    This is an awesome book of his thoughts and work. Very enlightening, and very funny.

  2. Angelina :)

    Yeah, Bristol seems to have decided to embrace all things Banksy, now that his enfant terrible status has grown world-wide. Bristol is quite a hip city as far as South-West England goes, so I think it’s a wise move.
    Thanks for the recommendation. I think a friend of mine has that, so I will sneak into her house and swap it for my copy of Flanimals in true Banksy style…

  3. UK Pictures

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Love UK, and we’d love to have this added to the group! We’ll be featuring our favourite contributions on the VisitBritain website too.

    This has to be one of my fav pieces of Banksy. What a great photo!