Abuse of Power / Shepard Fairey
shepard fairey
Image by toddwshaffer
Shot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – Wheatpaste sticker on brick wall

Years after shooting this I’ve come a long way in understanding the NYC street art scene. This is a work by Shepard Fairey (notorious for his politically charged Obey theme) – Years after shooting this I read the story of this particular piece. Apparently he’s had his fair share of beatings and arrests from the cops, this is his retaliation.


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6 thoughts on Abuse of Power / Shepard Fairey

  1. toddwshaffer

    It’s a form of street art referred to in the scene as "wheatpasting" – Just a piece of paper that someone pastes onto a wall with some really heavy duty adhesive. I liked the mix of the poster, the graffitti, the rust on the door with the scrawling, the "please don’t leave items on the sidewalk" with the clothes on the ground….


    Killer shot! I have a copy of this poster signed. He made 50 originally. My fave OBEY poster. Love how it cuts into the air conditioner and there’s also a skirt hanging on the door hinge.