Its safe to say that Stonehenge and New York City probably don’t have a lot in common. After all, Manhattan isn’t a prehistoric monument and burial site, like Stonehenge. Nor would I say our island is exactly a source of mystery and folklore, like Stonehenge.

But, I just found out that twice a year a phenomenon occurs that is technically called “Manhattanhenge.” Named after a similar occurence at Stonehenge (in which the sun rises and sets over the ‘heel stone’ during the solstice), Manhattanhenge refers to the days when the East-West axis of the Manhattan grid aligns to the setting sun, so that it is framed perfectly, and blindingly, as it disappears over the horizon.

This day is upon us! The full sun will be on the grid tonight, July 12th, at 8:17 pm. Pop a reminder into your calendar so you don’t miss out! Otherwise you’ll have to wait until next spring… and how often can we (who can’t even see the stars at night) really brag that our island seems to have any relationship to nature? Enjoy!

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