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19 thoughts on you lie – banksy

  1. finefoto

    Fun to guess what this is all about. Why a cat, of all animals, is holding the sign. Was this in London? I found some good stencil graffiti there in the fall of 2002 just before the Iraq war on the side of a church in Kensignton. One was of the grim reaper complete with the hooded dude holding the reaper tool and the words, "wrong war."

    I have photographed graffiti over the past 35 years. I am curious as to where this appeared. Please email me with the info if you can. Thankyou.

  2. niznoz

    I’d say rat, but who knows. I took it a couple of days ago in London (as you guessed) on New Bond Street in Mayfair. This is a street, as you probably know, with a huge number of very expensive stores, and I don’t imagine graffiti last very long there. Except that these stencils of small animals look like they belong — they look as if they are an organic part of the urban scene, like pigeons — and so may be ignored by those who scrub graffiti.

  3. niznoz

    interesting — that second link shows a picture of this same stencil, in a location very near where I found the one I shot. But its a different location none the less. Perhaps the rats are neighbourhood specific.