Tate Modern: Street Art
Street art
Image by Bill McIntyre
I’m not sure, I think it’s a little bit dad at the disco….organised structured street art exhibiting just seems a bit wrong.

Though this image I do like – got me while I was walking over the Millenium Bridge, thinking it was a gun not a video camera…

I ended up looking this image up after I saw it in the background of an interview with a street art curator (for want of a better phrase) . The artist is called JR, and this image has been lifted in isolation out of a picture which has a different context (if not meaning). It’s worth going to his site www.jr-art.net/ and then clicking on portfolio, and 5 images in you’ll find the original of this – a powerful image from a different view.

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13 thoughts on Tate Modern: Street Art

  1. McBadger

    yeah that’s clever. Love your shot of it here, man in the blue shirt completely unaware that a very tall monochrome man has him in the sights of a video camera with the safety off