swoon “sold to moma”
Image by Luna Park
if anyone deserves to be in the moma, it’s swoon. this whole "sold to moma" campaign — and that’s what it is because someone clearly went so far as to create a stencil and then seek out her pieces all over the city — is so hateful.

see also irena kittenclaw’s documentation: www.flickr.com/photos/kittenclaw/187345340/.

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6 thoughts on swoon “sold to moma”

  1. Luna Park

    three of her pieces were recently acquired by the moma’s print division. someone has been systematically defacing her work. . . i don’t think it’s criticism of her art so much as criticism of her supposedly having "sold out".

  2. volcano vaporizer mode enabled

    jerry rig a little camera are u on drugs lol i dont think it should be that serious , art fans lately have givin me the sppooks soul an humanity of the work ???????? hahahhaha you know what ima go do one better ima go an slice my wrist an sit down in front of the swoon piece start screamin life isnt fare,,

  3. mercurialn

    Oh come on, Plasma. Surely you’d be less than thrilled if someone started specifically targeting and defacing your pieces. Hell, I’d be annoyed if someone was defacing your pieces as well (or anyone else whose work I enjoy seeing around).

    That said, whoever is doing this has certainly spurred a lot of controversy and discussion. Interesting.

  4. volcano vaporizer mode enabled

    heres a lil cute fact not known an rarely cared about lololol lets say i put up 40 boards a month in one area tell me why 35 of them are gone withen a month an not one by one more like a slaughter one day there up the next day all gone its sorta like a plan hit with the address all lockd in to each peice an then targeted thru out the day by nite fall there gone,, iv seen this happen in the last 3 months that it cant be the city because they dont work like that an gamma posted a photo of people taking GOREB work , at first i was really upset then i got furious because i felt yeah its free to the public but if ur taken all my work down then thas just personal an beef like,,, but a week later i felt hmmm well all it really is is another reason to get out more places an higher an spread out an all these other ways that i never really put to the test ,, now u can find me walking around traffic filld pedestrian mobbs with a crate in both hands filld to the top with boards on busy streets standing puttin work up like okay if u wanna take this piece down tehn u goin have to be exposed on a busy street with a axe or wha ever they take it down wit ,, wha im really saying is yeah somthing like this doesnt matter cuz im not swoon but yeah every artist has people goin over them in one way or another its just that people tend to cry rivers over the big named ones an hell i feel sorry for swoon but maybe its only more a reason for her to get her stuff back up in nyc,, i give obey props for comin out in nyc an taken bak alot of spots an reclaimin more sticker spots =0( lol but withen a week of his arivail half his pieces are already gone over so i dunoh ,,

  5. mercurialn

    Okay, point taken. It’s the same deal for you, or for FFK who is becoming reluctant to put up her boards, or for Revs and his dissappearing metalwork.