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18 thoughts on swoon & david ellis truck

  1. Luna Park

    that the truck was parked in front of a red wall was a total stroke of luck!

    i had all of 10 seconds to shoot this before it pulled away… i’ll have to keep an eye out for it in brooklyn. 🙂

  2. lucky_dog

    luna park,
    sorry, i gave you the wrong link in the notes, the truck is not in chelsea. i though i deleted that link : (damn flickr.)

    anyway, the warehouse is located here on spencer st btwn park ave and flushing ave. here’s one of their trucks in front of the location

    here’s their 2nd truck

    and here’s their 3rd truck

    i don’t know when they warehouse the trucks, maybe around 3-5pm, or sometimes the truck will be elsewhere for the night…