Shepard Fairey / Barack Obama
shepard fairey
Image by ragz1138
Tattoo of our new president using poster Shepard Fairey made for the campaign. We started the tattoo just before the election, and finished with a final tightening of the color in celebration of inauguration day.

Ragz Rejected

Katalist Konsepts
218 Linden
Fort Collins CO


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45 thoughts on Shepard Fairey / Barack Obama

  1. Carolyn Thiel

    I am ALL FOR Obama — I love the man. But I see the potential for some major tattoo regret, here 😉

    But, if one were to get a tattoo of the man — this is undoubtedly the best you could get. That’s some brilliant design Shepard Fairey did, and I can see that being one of the most recognizable pieces of art for years to come.

    (seen via Explore)

  2. N.G. Photography

    I love the design by Obey, I love having Barack as new President of the United States of A…but to get it tatooed…sorry but not sure about it. Anyway, it’s not my body so not my business! 🙂

  3. DandyLionWings

    It’s a well-done tattoo, but probably not a well-thought-out tattoo. Shouldn’t you have waited until AFTER his presidency to declare that you AGREE with EVERYTHING he does?!?

  4. nlytnu

    Amazing art 🙂 Be proud of your new addition. It memorializes something that NOT EVEN the "Cultured Europeans" could do.

    Elect a black President.

    Only a handful of times in my 30 years of life have I been this proud to be American <3

    Much of the rest of the world hated on us yet we rise and flourish despite our critics.

  5. veggie*freak

    It’s a nice tattoo, but you’re going to regret this. I can promise you that. He might be the first black president and a great speaker but just wait.
    Does anyone else remember what happened the last time a leader was idolized like this??? Or who I’m speaking of? Hilter.
    Funny how people forget or don’t know that he won elections by landslides and was supposed to be the savior/messiah that was gonna fix all the economic problems facing the germans at the time… he was a great speaker, who gave the people hope…. we all know how the rest of the story goes..

  6. Rippingoffthestars

    tattoo looks great. all tattoos are a risk. otherwise they’d be pretty meaningless. these comments are really funny. i’m gonna get a rush limbaugh tattoo.

  7. Rippingoffthestars

    nuthin. just a bit oxymoronic. to each his own. some consider "retarded" to be derogatory. btw, our current pres is more likely to legalize it than the guy he ran against.

  8. J5Diamontop

    if thats all you look for while choosing the next person to run your country. This can go back and forth i just said what i felt about the image, same as everyone else here. Your fish tattoo is sick.

  9. ben&jerry

    dot understand why you would have a tattoo of a man who has ruled his country for a matter of two months … what has he done deserving of this tribute? other than profitting from positive discrimination

  10. siweLylimE

    He is not just a man. He gave a voice to people who never thought they had one. He’s changed the vision of the U.S forever. Even if something happens during his term, even if he doesn’t get re-elected; he’s changed everything. He made something happen that we never ever thought would happen.

  11. jasmineryon

    Who cares what other people think. i think this is seriously WICKED! it takes a lot of boldness and devotion to do that. you are one true supporter. 😀 Obama Ohana