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8 thoughts on Quality of Life opening, Factory Fresh, Bushwick, Brooklyn

  1. p0ps Harlow

    Well, no, it’s on the high end for most of my panos, but I’ve done twice that on some of the other gallery openings. My iPhone pix are only 2mp each, so, you know, it takes 5 of mine to equal one real photo.

    This one was difficult to put together, it could’ve / should’ve been better, I lost patience and made some stupid mistakes. One main problem was in the shooting – I moved around too much. Next gallery opening I do, I may take as many shots, but from fewer POVs… if I remember.

    btw: sorry I didn’t get the chance to talk to you that nite.

  2. goldsmithexile

    This is the best you have done in a while, its a beauty.
    There is a lovely shifting ephemeral filmic motion quality with the treatment of the groups of people as they mix and move and socialise, which contrasts powerfully with the strong horizontal line of the exhibits and text which are almost solid with very minimal and gentle joins. It almost reads like music notation in that respect. As with the pano of the women’s show, its nice how you have given the works slightly more prominence. Did you tweak up the hue intensity on the exhibits? They stand out really well. What music was the man playing on his old school table? And is that a bouncer stood in the doorway?
    Excellent piece pOps!
    cheers Jn8