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11 thoughts on Patch pano: WK Interact – Invader Opening at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

  1. b?

    this is bad ass!
    thanks for this…

    just got back from going through some of your sets.
    …really interesting "stuff" you’ve got goin’ on here.
    diggin’ your process… your work is so honest & real.


  2. p0ps Harlow

    no, no, no! While, it is possible to shoot, stitch and upload on an iPhone, I have some examples, this is not one. This big thing was done on a desktop, in Photoshop with about 50 photos on separate layers, me moving them around "manually". This took 10 – 15 hours of work over a few sessions.

    this is manually stitched on an iPhone

    this is autostitched on an iPhone

    this was uploaded from an iPhone at the opening

    I much appreciate your compliments, thanks for considering my work.

  3. b?

    i can see…

    your work is evident on this, without question. it’s got precision, yet maintains an "organic" quality. interesting to see how all the vertical lines are deconstructed without a trace of automation.

    this is dynamic… the multiplicity of views revealed simultaneously is… well… "provocative"

    thanks for sorting this one out.

  4. p0ps Harlow

    In some ways, I wish it could done quicker, but then, working. on collages like these is a lot of fun. I’m interested in all the iPhone apps I like the idea of doing as such as possible on the phone.

    You’re well-spoken about what you see in my pano. A pleasure to read. Thank you.

  5. b?

    in some ways technology does interfere with process… no doubt. i’ve found it useful to work on multiple projects simultaneously. more specifically… switching up the medium. i still love making stuff with my hands. having said that… the transition between projects and media/mediums seem to inform one another in a "truly" organic way… and yes… time is consumed.

    having grown up in an "analogue" kind of world does have it’s benefits… for sure!

    writing this… i’m beginning to realize the "energy" for a project,
    in the above mentioned workflow, seems to "recycle itself" in a way that fuels the process in a non-linear sort of way… not to mention, eliminating a bit of subjective decision making.

    in many ways… some of the most powerful work… i connect with, is that of which the artist claims to be "unfinished".

    in my eyes…"process" is where it’s at!

    Thank You.

  6. p0ps Harlow

    @b2 – I like the way you speak of process. That’s where I’m at, too. I’m a painter. These pano collages are candidates for possible development into painting studies. My painting process incorporates the "unfinished".

    I look forward to seeing more of your work.