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9 thoughts on Neckface! Satan’s Bride! I’m wasted!

  1. Zoot! Clothing

    The point is that there is a foundation already built… and NEW YORK built it. SO, if your from here, you don’t have to look very far.
    The best graffiti in the world was already written right here, in this city. Why is it so hard for young NY toys to discover what writers in the rest of the world already know??? Look at old NY writer’s shit and learn from it… base YOUR shit on it… evolve it, instead of setting us back 40 years.

    This is what I tell younger kids that I know…
    1. If you suck at tagging (and you do), just use regular school handwriting… It looks better than your wack tag, people can read it, and it won’t make them vomit. Eventually you will learn to tag, and THEN you can add style.

    2. If you suck at throw-ups (and you do), do a simple, legible soft letter throw-up. It gives you can control and gets you up. Eventually you will learn to do a throw-up, and THEN you can add style.

    3. If you suck at piecing (and you do), do block letters. It gives you can control and gets you up. Eventually you will learn to do a letter, and THEN you can add style.

    4. If you are biting (and you are), don’t bite from writers you are not down with.

    ANY toy who follows those 4 rules, takes the time to grow, and carries himself with respect, will succeed.
    He will spend some months or years tagging, then graduate to throw-ups and people will remember him from his decent, legible tags. After some time of using decent legible throw-ups along with his tags, he will bust out the Block letters, and other writers will cheer him on because they have seen him steadily progress. If the writer chooses to continue to move up in the ranks to doing style pieces and burners, he will be doing exactly what is expected of him. At this point people will look back and remember him from his steadily evolving career, and WILL NOT be repulsed by his work, and he will be considered a "Writer’s Writer", and no one will front on him. Writers of all generations, will appreciate his contribution, and be proud to have him represent the NYC legacy.

    The toys today are in a hurry it seems, but there is no substitute for paying dues.
    much wisdom in these words right there…somethin to grow on fundamentally.

    i think this applies for any mothafucka regardless of whether they be from NYC or not. I mean if all of the subway pioneers of writing had basically established and innovated everything by the mid 70s, to me that is what should be referenced. in the 80s when the shit was going global, that’s what pretty much every city in the world based their shit from, is what they saw from pictures of the subways in books, like subway art. i mean you look at the aerosol culture scenes from the cities from around the late 80s, and they were bombing hard and really doing some innovative high standard shit in their areas where and a lot of writers coming up have no idea about.

    so history is definately important. knowledge dispels confusion. i mean if you look at the toy shit now, it’s basically all the same confused ass squiggly outlined garbage that if compared side by side to the early 70s pieces, they would pale in comparison. reason why a lot of toys coming up suck so damn much is because they don’t know what’s been done so many years before them or where this artform even comes from, let alone develop.

  2. luke wasp

    agreed fuck you zoot…. write what you want when you want…… you are probably just shiting ya pants cause an out of town writer smashed ya city while all the old nyc heads are bitching about respect etc… look at nekst. he holds down nyc more then nyc’s most notorious bombers and thats REAl TALK.. peace to katsu, adek, neckface…..