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35 thoughts on Multifarious Marauder

  1. Crickskipper

    Wow you guys. I post this one, leave for work, and come home 10 hours later to THIS! I’m overwhelmed by all your supportive comments. I’m happy you’re all digging this. I had a great time painting it, and can’t wait for folks to see it in person.

    The Dorks show is going to be amazing. I hope you all can make it. And don’t forget that if you live far away and you’re interested in any of the dozens of paintings in the show (mine or anyone else’s), you can call the gallery prior to the show opening, and yell "I CALL SHOTGUN ON THAT ONE!"

    Here’s the number for the gallery: (323) 913-3375. The folks at Thinkspace are really nice. 🙂

  2. Lollobello

    the painting is full of live and vibration. If you look at it too long you will get in the flow and flow with it. its a lil bit creepy motive but stil very cool.

  3. La Lenteur

    this is very cool,all of yours are very cool, i will look at them one by one at some stage..
    thething that really amaze me is the creepy AND colourful energy theyhave,i mean you are very good.i like you a lot.