les swoon detail
Image by (michelle)
i cherish these ephemeral paper images by the street artist known as
swoon. each time i encounter one, i have a strong urge to point it out
to strangers passing by. “excuse me but you’ve simply got to
feast your eyes on this wonderful drawing pasted to the wall over here.
see? amazing, right? and make sure to check back on it every so often
over the next year … it’s sure to age in unexpected ways.”

// From Flicker

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8 thoughts on les swoon detail

  1. themexican

    swoon is the best… a couple of weeks ago I saw a guy trying to lift one of the images from a door by peeling it off with a razor-blade… He only succeeded in destroying it.

  2. blueskygirl

    I have never heard of paper art on old doors, it is beautiful. I love all of your pics of old things….doors, paint peeling ect. What is at the bottom of this pic? It looks like a little kitten or something sticking it’s head out? I don’t know??? What do u think it is machete?

  3. (michelle)

    em, i’d be happy to oblige, but these swoon cutouts can be pretty elusive. i’ll make sure to photograph any that i come across, though.

    blue, thanks for the kind words. as for the “little kitten or something sticking its head out” at the bottom of the photo, see the note i’ve just added to the image.

  4. blueskygirl

    To cool! I saw your note! And I looked at the large size and can see the b&w picture of the nude woman! how funny! So much for little kitten sticking its head out! lol

  5. (michelle)

    i assure that if it were a kitten emerging from this dilapidated doorway, i’d have nabbed her and added her to my household. strays are one of my many weaknesses.