Bush Blvd Banksy 2
Image by Dystopos
Ashley got a tip about a bit of graffiti supposedly painted by international sensation "Banksy". We drove around for a while in Ensley and Fairfield before we spotted it on this former Chevron station on Bush Boulevard right off of I-20/59.

While we were there a man shouted to us from the convenience store across the street. He wanted to know who had done it and told us that he didn’t appreciate it. That "we’re tryin’ to put all that behind us."

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26 thoughts on Bush Blvd Banksy 2

  1. ..::panhandler::..

    "we’re tying to put it behind us." yeah right. racism is alive and well in Alabama and everywhere. if you’re not racist, then you at least know someone who is – and often those who are offended by racism do little or nothing to stop it.
    you can go anywhere in Alabama (and i suspect elsewhere) and hear white people freely use "the n word."
    i suspect we’ll never "put it behind us."
    nice art, by the way.

  2. Dystopos

    Maybe so. Hard to picture a klutzier way to convey that particular message, though. Might as well pin a red ribbon on the corpse of an AIDS victim.

  3. Dystopos

    Let me try to say that better…

    Here’s the thing. If you stand with your back to this stencil and look around you, every thing you see is a more direct, more powerful and more poignant condemnation of endemic racism in the United States. When you turn back around to the painting you almost have to chuckle at how ridiculous it is.

    A lot of times Banksy’s art is very clever at making us see things that were already there. This time I think the artist is deflecting attention from reality… providing a scapegoat.