Image by Troy Holden
What appears to be Banksy, as seen in Chinatown. I spoke to a woman who knew how to read the sign on the right, and she said it read "please do not paint over this vandalism as it is the subject of investigation." Yikes.

The elusive street artist also installed a piece in the Mission District.

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51 thoughts on BANKSY

  1. andertho

    How, then, do you ‘sufficiently’ reinterpret graffiti?

    A wide variety of ways… evocative lighting, a unique angle, introducing other compositional elements into the frame, post processing… the list goes on.

    And I’m sorry if you think the DMU crowd is "snotty." Perhaps you don’t really understand what the group is about. Why not join and give it a whirl yourself?

  2. everydaydude

    I appreciate the offer but I like my criticism constructive, not destructive. I understand the gist of the group, I guess it’s just not my thing.

    For the most part, graffiti should be appreciated as is. Reinterpreting it only takes away from the original intention of the artist. Yes, I create panoramas for effect, large scale ones for entire walls where I’m not focusing on one specific piece of art. That aside, I think this is a great shot and its’ beauty is in its’ simple capture of a wonderful stencil by, perhaps, the worlds most prolific street artist. To take an artistic shot of this or introducing other elements would take away from the focus and detail inherent in appreciating this as it should be appreciated.

  3. andertho


    then that sounds like an excellent way to catalogue graffiti in a clinical way.

    but just because the graffiti is marvelous does not make the photograph marvelous. if i were to take a straight-on shot of the mona lisa, does that make me as good a photographer as da vinci was a painter?

    of course not.

    our group judges photography, not graffiti… and while banksy’s graffiti is impressive, this photograph is unimpressive.

  4. everydaydude

    [] Hush.

    [] Now you’re being constructive, thank you.

    The DMU still seems like an excuse to get on a high horse, doing more damage than it does good to me but, moving forward, I’ll keep my mouth shut about it.

    Great photo, Troy. SAVE?


    fuckit im gonna put the same sign next to my paintins so they dont get buffed haha!
    fuck the haters. anybody paintin what they feel gets props from me as long as they arent some thievin snitch. im sure hes already been "busted" like most of us lifers.
    good pics again troy

  6. BenBenjamin

    i mean – who are these DMU people? what is their purpose here? did i not get the memo on what is okay to post to Flickr? is everyone here "voting" to delete aware of the significance of this – time, location, history of banksy in SF, etc? or troy as a documenter of SF street art? if anyone has justification for posting this, it’s him.

  7. leesure

    Ben, Troy posted this photo to the group, effectively asking fir brutally honest opinions. He’s a long time member and knew what to expect. There are dozens of ‘critique’ groups on flickr as well as nice shiny gif groups to which he could have posted if he wanted his arse kissed. He chose DMU for it’s honesty. And, as andertho already remarked, we judge the photograph, not banksy’s art or the significance of his time in SF.

  8. Claudie C-G

    In NYC, do they still call around to announce when the cool graffitied train cars hit the tracks? The "Merry Christmas" car was a rarity back in the day. It’s like shouting surf’s up on the North Shore. And then you stand way back on Coney Island and get a photo of the painted train behind the roller coaster and THEN you have a photo that’s not just of a piece of graffiti.

  9. BenBenjamin

    @leesure – thanks for the explanation. i should know better than to jump in without finding out more. i found lots of text when googling "dmu" and related, but nothing that really explained it like that in the short time i had to look. If the guy wants flogged, flog away!

  10. bruce_eyster

    I like the wall art and the "please do not paint over this vandalism as it is the subject of investigation."
    I think it makes an interesting photograph as a contemporary statement .

  11. <|O.O|>

    nice, love baksy. these dmu people need to chill out, documentary photography is just as nice as other types of photography. you are just recording whats out there.

  12. DanPlasma

    this is Holden’s version of Maplethropes nudes or Picasso’s cartoons, the brilliance is in the understated simplicity and perfection….Critics will always say, "my kid can do that",
    well, hopefully not about the Maplethorpe
    Dan Plasma