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24 thoughts on Banksy beachboys

  1. Monkey Magic

    It really is unbelievable. I was in Israel a couple of weeks ago and definitely NOT on purpose took the road through the Territories past Beit Jala (the biggest refugee camp) and this ENORMOUS wall. I can’t tell you how huge the wall is – it towers over everyone’s houses. it is really intimidating. Plus there are tracks on boh sides and army watchtowers everywhere.

    From the Israeli side it looked like the perfect graffiti opportunity – but one to take veyr much at risk. he is one brave and thoughtful guy. I would say this was his best ever work.

  2. Trois Têtes (TT)

    When I look at this it reminds me of the other recent graffitied wall in Berlin. That wall didn’t solve anything, and this one wont either. Why is this not obvious?

  3. Monkey Magic

    Whilst I disagree with it politically, it HAS actually solved the (albeit potentially short-term) problem of suicide bombers. People within Israel are going to cafes, taking buses etc.

    I do agree with you, though, that it hasn’t sorted anything out in the long term.

  4. Bright Tal (Political)

    MonkeyMagic – It’s true that there have been less terrorist attacks, but I’m not sure that the Wall is the cause of that. It is still possible to enter Israel, and a determined bomber will find the way to do that (here’s an example).

    Also, there are places where the wall divides Palestinian communities into two. The people on one side of the Wall still have access to Israel and can carry out terrorist attacks, if they wanted to.

    More importantly, the Wall can drive people into terrorism, as an act of despair.

    There may be other reasons for there being less terrorist attacks. I don’t know what these reasons are.

  5. free-dream

    but why on earth do they have to build thaat wall? group of cowards, but Palestinians ll always get them and make their heads go off.. no PEACE with ZIONISTS!!