Travis Louie | Krampus Mugshot DETAIL | acrylic on board | 16 x 20 in.

Whomever has any attachment to the stories and illustrations of Maurice Sendak may just have a new artist with whom to connect. Travis Louie, in case you haven’t yet heard of this wonder of characters, emerged on the scene with his Krampus, Six-Eyed Uncles, Ultra-Chimps, Demon Stacks and Bills a few years ago and before anyone knew what had hit them, he was selling out solo exhibits in galleries all over the west coast.

Yet Travis is not a beach loving extrovert – he actually resides in rural New York State, right near New England, the area most rife with Lovecraftian lore. Little did the famous author, genius of horror, realize what lurked near the Hudson river, just west of his creepy witchy woodsy estates, but man-human hybrids and confused fuzzy people whose past-times include hiding under beds, working in mills, following people they admire and sometimes smelling like marshmallows, anisette or licorice.

Come to see Travis’ work in Curious Myths at Joshua Liner Gallery at 548 West 28th Street west of 10th Ave in Manhattan. His solo exhibit will be up until August. I’m posting this late – the opening’s tonight in about an hour. Sorry about that folks…

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