New Studio #1
C. J. Stahl’s New Studio #1; mixed media on found door

The work of C. J. Stahl is quite beautiful, especially to any lover of curio and collage. Mostly greyscale, Stahl’s work seems moody and thoughtful. But when his statement is read, a whole new level of understanding enters the picture, if you’ll forgive my pun. Stahl is indeed a very intellectual artist, and we wouldn’t have it any other way:

My work currently explores concepts of personal and shared memory, and is moving towards an attempt at objective, psychological observation. The work is a cross-section of physical, mental and emotional experience (and resonance), exploiting the notion of autobiography to generate a case study that explores and profiles others and myself. The study is unfocused, open-ended, and inextricably biased in nature. The purpose of the study is to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the relationships that exist between an individual and experience of themselves and others. Imagery oscillates between representational photographic subjects, technical abstractions, hand written text and abstract painterly attention to surface. While these painted surfaces are thought out with respect towards design and art history’s modes of art making, they should primarily be approached as thinking/feeling surfaces, recalling a multiplicity of bygones and rousing inquiry. The synthesis of these images on the painted surface creates a dialogue between personal and shared past and the present moment. Thus, the work is continually in a state of exploration and the expounding of information generated.

Read more of his statement here.

Stahl’s upcoming exhibit, From a Basement on the Hill, will be on view at the White Rabbit from June 4 – July 6, 2010. The opening reception on June 4, 7-10pm. The White Rabbit is located at 145 E. Houston Street between Forsyth and Eldridge.

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