sound drawing of Obama's acceptance speech on

The drawing above was automatically generated from a tool invented over at that draws an image based on sound waves from your microphone. I.e. low volume curves counterclockwise, medium volume is straight, high volume curves clockwise.

After playing around for a bit with my own voice, I put the microphone next to the speaker while Obama’s 17 minute acceptance speech played. The image above formed before my eyes. Pretty cool stuff, got me curious about what what some of my favorite electronica music would “look like”.

If you’re feeling a little creative, make one of your own and upload a link below in the comments section, would love to see what happens with other speeches, songs, movie clips, etc. Thanks Zefrank! Amazing job on this tool.

If you’re into political data visualization, check out the word cloud comparisons we did from Obama and McCain’s blog during the election. We did one in August, then another in October.

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