Travis Lindquist is a member artist based in Brooklyn, NY.  He grew up in idyllic seaside communities of Cape Cod.  Lindquist committed himself to the arts and graduated from Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  He is primarily a painter but has branched out into other mediums, including sculpture, video, photography, sound, collaboration, and digital animation.  His newer pieces reference Baroque painting with street art sensibility and a focus on the anti-aesthetic.

He began his artistic career in Boston, and from 1987 to
1997, he showed in many preeminent Boston venues, including The
Institute of Contemporary Art, the Harbor Art Gallery at the University
of Massachusetts, Boston, The Museum of Urban Art and Culture, the
Boston Architecture Center.

In 1997, he moved south to Austin,
Texas, where he worked as an animator on Richard Linklater’s movie
Waking Life, as well as exhibited his digital work in a number of
showcases with the Austin Museum of Digital Art.  During that time he
also continued to actively pursue painting and showed at the Texas Fine
Arts Association now the Arthouse at the Jones Center for Contemporary
Art (Austin), the Conduit Gallery (Dallas), and the Four Seasons Hotel

Lindquist relocated again in 2002, this time to New York, where he
reunited with former Boston collaborators David Hochbaum and Colin
Burns and gave birth to the Goldmine Shithouse (?GMSH?), a
collaboration group that focuses on instillation performance art while
still creating art objects (e.g., painting, drawing, collage, photo,
and sculpture) that are relics of the performance process.  Although
collaboration has always played an important part in Mr. Lindquist’s
work, it has never been as profound as with the GMSH.  Since the
inception of the GMSH, the trio has been traveling extensively both
domestically and internationally, creating exhibitions in Los Angeles,
Chicago, Seattle, Miami, Salt Lake City, and Stockholm.  Future
exhibitions are planned for Berlin and London.  In addition to his
considerable efforts with the GMSH, Lindquist remains committed to
continuing his extensive solo art career.

Upcoming shows:

Life Partner a collaboration with Jason Douglas Griffen at McCaig Welles gallery Brooklyn, opening March 1, 2008.  Tuff Love a collaboration with Colin Burns at the Grey Gallery Seattle WA opening on March 13, 2008.  Solo show at McCaig Welles in September 2008.

For more information on Travis’ work please visit his member site,

Image Featured:  "Chem Trails for Kids", 2006, mixed media on board, 24" x 30"

Posted by Joyce Manalo, Brooklyn Art Project Blog Editor and founder of ArtForward.

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