Brooklyn Art Project member artist Brad Strain is based in Seattle since 2002, a Kiwi, hailing from the cultural capital in Australia, beautiful Melbourne.  Splendidly, he’s a self-taught painter with a strong photography and film background.  His latest "Home" series is both playful and dejected, in that it stirs childhood dreams of treehouses, and various adult provocations of "building a nest". The theme of moving from city to city reverberates throughout each piece with pairs of wing appendages on houses.  The image above is titled, "State of Grace", 2007 (24" x 24"), Most recently, he has used Polaroids as his canvas, below is "Polaroid-Mix 1".  They are very interesting as it showcases, Brad’s mastery in perspective and mixed media.


The medium combination is street inspired, spray paint, latex paint, paint pen, and sharpies on panel.  He paints houses with wings in the sky, forcing the viewer perceive the subject matter looking upward, figuratively pointing at it.  Nuances are sweet and strong, like the coffee he loves to consume.

Brad Strain is painting his ass off, thank you caffeine for being the catalyst to powering artistic energy and aid in visibility.  His pieces are being exhibited in Hotwire, Verite, and Bird on a Wire in Seattle.  Whino Gallery has also taken interest in Brad’s body of work in Washington, DC.

FRESH IN: Tomorrow night, Brad, Kim McCarthy (active BAP member), and Justin Hillgrove are in a group show called, "Twilight in the Junction" at Twilight Artist Collective’s new space in Pike Place Market, Level 3, Suite 321, Seattle, WA.


To find out more about the artist’s paintings and new works, please visit his BAP member site or

Posted by Joyce Manalo, Brooklyn Art Project Blog Editor and founder of ArtForward.

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