Brooklyn Art Project member artist Sarah Nicole Phillips recent series on solar power consciousness rekindles nostalgia for science and progression towards sustainability.  Since 2006, she has executed three site specific installations that would have Auguste Mouchout tipping his hat to Phillips.  This man is known to have directly converted solar radiation into mechanical power.   A little background check tells me that he was a math teacher from Lyce de Tours who lived in the late 1800s.

The artist’s latest work from her "Solar Series" is called "I (heart) PV" in 2007.  These are not typical solar powered lights that line foot paths of suburban homes to the front door.  They are graphic design inspired solutions to the city’s dependency on electricity.  Phillips proposes, "photovoltaic technology in New York could be "commonplace as Milton Glaser’s logo and Louis Vuitton knock-offs have become on our streets."

In 2006, she artistically demonstrates the phenomena of heliotrophism and energy generation from compost.  "Heliotropia" is an edition of 14 solar-powered digital prints connected to artificial foliage that rotates via small wall-mounted electric motors.  The plants simulate their reaction to the sun’s position in the sky by spinning.  "Vermicast"  is a permanent installation of PV solar cells mounted into sculpted clouds, motors, artificial worms.  It simulates the energy that can be harnessed simultaneously from the sun, and the breakdown of organic waste to augment plant growth.

Phillips indeed "let’s the sunshine in" with her helio-centric oeuvres.   In addition to these three dimensional, site specific works, she also creates prints.  The subject of her editioned and unique works on paper are also about the state of our environment and objects that consumes us.

Sarah Nicole Phillips graduated from University of Toronto for visual studies and continued to Brooklyn College for her MFA on printmaking.  She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.  In 2006-2007, Phillips was awarded a keyholder residency in the Lower East Side.  Some of the places that the artist has exhibited were at Solar One at Stuyvesant Cove Park – New York, NY, Walsh Library Gallery (Seton Hall University) – South Orange, NJ, and Marlon Solar Memorial Solarium at the Lancaster Avenue Autonomous Space (LAVA) – Philadelphia, PA.   

To find out more about the artist’s installations, and new works, please visit her BAP member site or www.sarahnicolephillips.com.

Sarah Nicole Phillip’s piece, "I (heart) PV", 2007 was part of Solar One’s projects in Stuyvesant Cove Park.  Solar One’s mission is to empower people of all ages with the vision, knowledge and resources to attain a more environmentally sound and sustainable future.  So take mass transit (M23 bus) to east river and go green!

Posted by Joyce Manalo, Brooklyn Art Project Blog Editor and founder of ArtForward.


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