2007 holds the count for 22 satellite art fairs that are taking place in addition to Art Basel Miami Beach.  Sensory overload is a luxury.  Art fairs certainly provides an insight to trends in painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, installation, photography, video and performance.  In addition to trends in mediums, it also allows you to see art from a multitude of cities around the world.  An absolute treat!

Some of the trends in medium were intricate ink and graphite drawings, flashe paint, animation, collage, cutouts.  In terms of sculpture, porcelain, taxidermy, felt and found objects.  Some booths were also dedicated to a single artist.  This year, the galleries really stepped up and presented very well curated open cubes.

Aqua Art Miami – Hotel is located at 1530 Collins Avenue.  (Aqua Art Miami – Wynwood inaugural is located at 42 NE 25th Street-not covered below)  Here are a couple of highlights:


Alexander Heaton @ Lounge/Monika Bobinska
"Rifflesee", Oil on linen, 64" x 56"

Charles Kraaft @ Roq La Rue
"Assasin’s Kit Series" (Smith & Wesson and Switchblade), 2007, Delft hand-painted porcelain, life sized, comes in black velvet lined case

Travis Louie @ Roq La Rue
"Walter and Larry", Acrylic on board, 8" x10"

Jason d’Aquino @ Roq La Rue
"Phineas Gage", 2007, Graphite on matchbook, 3" x 1"
Micaela O’Herlihy @ Hotcakes

Various works of wallnut ink on wooden logs, 7" x 5"

Meredith Dittmar @ Hotcakes Gallery
"Let it through ", 2007, Polymer Clay, plexiglas & laminate, 16.5" x 10"

Michael Caines @ Katharine Mulherin
"El Dorado (ravens/bunny/cowboy)", 2007, Ink and gouache on paper, 22" x 30"

Chris Knight @ Katharine Mulherin
"When a mother wants a daughter but gets a son", 2007, Oil on prepared paper, 7" x 5"

Christy Langer @ Katharine Mulherin
"Double Bunny", 2007, Resin, fibreglass, oil paint, 3" x 9" x 2.5", Edition of 3

Laura Ball @ Morgan Lehman
"The Circumnavigating Chariot Caravan", 2007, Oil on canvas 40" x 30"

William Powhida @ Platform Gallery
"James Drawing: Goals", 2006, Graphite and goauche on paper, 22" x 15" (not exhibited)

Debbie Lawsen @ Nettie Horn
"Oasis", carpet, 62" x 85" x 15"

Kate Street @ Nettie Horn
"Ring Piece" (From Little Death Series), 21" diameter x 4" deep

Elaine Bradford @ Art Palace
"Mongolian Knotted Deer", 2007, Taxidermy Mongolian deer and crochet(not exhibited)

Jonathan Marshall @ Art Palace
The Book of Lenny, 2007, DVD, 7 mins

M?ximo Gonz?lez @ Haydee Rovirosa
Multiple paper cutout on walls with various world currency that are out of circulation

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