Kim McCarthy a.k.a. SOULE is one of the most prolific member artist on Brooklyn Art Project.  She is based in Seattle, WA and has exhibited her work at the early age of 16.  This past year, this artist executed 14 paintings in one day.  Originally her canvas were facades of buildings on the streets of Spokane and Seattle, her medium ranged from stencils, wheat pastes, stickers and spray paint.  She currently focuses her hand to create work on stretched canvas and wood panels, as well as legal walls.   She has an affinity for photography and paper cutouts.  This dual process enables her to design her stencils.  SOULE’s "skillz are mad transferrable", from designing apparel, buttons/pins, shoes, skateboards to home decor.  She is indeed doing what she loves.

SOULE is praised for her stencil work, and she applies the medium or the process itself to all her oeuvres.  The series that she has worked on include famous people and friend portrait stencils spray painted on canvas and wood panels; porcelain white characters adorned in black and white stripes that are watercolors on clayboards; skull and skeleton stencils with army green, rich coppers, and reds; and Japanese inspired characters spay painted with bright colors.

Kim "SOULE" McCarthy completed her Fine Art and Design in Spokane, WA and Printmaking in Astoria, OR.  Due to her renegade self-promotion, four galleries represent her work in the United States and one in the United Kingdom.  She has recently exhibited her pieces as a solo exhibit at Doc’s Lounge, Behrd Studios, and Squid and Ink.  Her most recent group show was at Twilight Gallery, with member artist Brad Strain and Justin Hillgrove.  Her work is also featured in the book called, "Stencil Nation" that will be released on June 2008.  Fearless self-promotion is paying off, she is an inspiration to us all.

For more information on Kim’s work please visit her member site,, or her main website,

Posted by Joyce Manalo, Brooklyn Art Project Blog Editor and founder of ArtForward.

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