Ian "Infinity" Farrell has been walking the streets of New York since the late 80s, leaving marks that represent an indeterminable end and beginning.  With orange oil sticks in hand, he laces mundane corners of building facades with symbols and equations.  He is a loose mad scientist who absolves existing layers of stencil, wheat paste, spray paint imagery and street typography to their mathematical derivatives and chemical compositions.  Black background canvases, radiating lines and primitive symbols, reminiscent of Keith Haring, contributes to a consistent execution of absolute simplification.


From graph paper to streets to canvases to installations, Ian "Infinity" Farrell’s semiotics communicates warnings of forces that lurk, forthcoming circumstances, and metaphysical catalysts.  His expressive lines around infinity symbols, tridents, carbon rings and teardrops emits energy and unsettling ripples and tremors.  There is a physiological effect of viewing his work, similar to going to a death metal concert.  His choice of flourescent orange intensifies this reaction visually.  He blesses his imagery with commanding words of reverberating inquiries on purpose of existence.  Diagrammatic poetry ad infinitum.


Ian "Infinity" Farrell currently resides in the East Village, NY.  This artist graduated from The School of Visual Arts for Illustration and from University of Wisconsin (River Falls) with a BA in Literature and Fine Art.  He had a solo show titled "Heavenly Revolutions: A Resonance of the Rocks and Stars" at The Academy, Remsenburg, Long Island, NY.  Infinity is a proud member of the Endless Love Crew (Abe Lincoln Jr., Anera, Celso, Flaca, Gore-B, Meeka, Royce Bannon, Splat).  They collaborated in a piece that is currently exhibited at ADHOC ART in a show curated by Michael DeFeo called, "Behind The Seen".  Here are the details for Infinity’s next show:

Infinity: going out of business
Saturday, December 15th, 2007 (and by appointment)
Reception: 7-10pm

291 8th Street, ground floor (b. 5th & 6th Ave.)
Park Slope, Brooklyn
M:  F train to 4th Ave or M/R to 9th street.

Posted by Joyce Manalo, Brooklyn Art Project Blog Editor and founder of ArtForward.


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