Ever wondered what it would be like to live on the street and still hold onto your hipness? Now’s your chance.

adventurers and everyone else up for a day and night of collective
relaxation, discussion, games, storytelling, cooking, crafts, aerobics
and napping are invited to come out for a celebration of our vibrant
urban community.

The Urban Homesteading Project
will create a temporary residence on the sidewalk near Union Docs in
Brooklyn at 322 Union Street for twenty-four hours, starting at dawn on
Saturday November 3rd, 2007.

Laura Chipley, Francisca Caporali
and Pilar Ortiz will be creating, eating, drinking, exercising and
sleeping on this corner for 24 hours. The trio created the Urban
Homesteading Project in 2007 with the goal of exploring the the act of
making temporary public living areas as a means for creating positive
interactions within a community.

The group will provide a
temporary living room, dining room, kitchen and sleeping area and is
asking attendees to help furnish their public living space. Bring along
your furniture and household items that you want to discard or trade,
as well as food, beverages and artwork that you want to share.

at dawn on Sunday, November 4th, every single item brought to the
temporary living space will be available to all for the taking.
Suggested items to bring along include:

– blankets, pillows and sleeping bags
– tables and chairs
– lamps, extension cords and power strips
– rugs
– forks, knives, plates and cups
– pots and pans
– books
– games
– musical instruments
– personal artwork
– food and beverages
– working televisions, stereos and DVD players

the creative utilization of discarded, donated and traded living
resources, the UHP seeks to promote non-exclusive spaces for public
discourse and leisure, while maximizing the potential of our city’s
vital street economy. Hillevi Loven and Union Docs curated the event
for public consumption.

When:  Saturday, November 3rd, starting at 7am, until Sunday, November 4th, 7am
Where:  On the sidewalk in front of Union Docs (http://uniondocs.org)
322 Union Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211

Directions: L train to Lorimer Street / G to Metropolitan Aver Exit subway and walk south on Union Ave (away from the BQE)

Posted by Joyce Manalo // New York City based Brooklyn Art Project Blog Editor and Founder of ArtForward


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