We’re proud to announce long time Brooklyartproject.com member Travis Lindquist, is having a show here in Brooklyn from September 7 ? 23, 2007 at Capla Kesting Fine Art at 121 Roebling Street (corner of North 5th). Via subway it’s on the Bedford Ave L train Stop. The show is open to the public Thursdays ? Mondays from Noon until 6:00 pm.

The gallery’s press release for the show reads as follows:

To commence the fall season, Capla Kesting Fine Art turns its gallery over to the deeply expressive artworks of Travis Lindquist, whose second solo exhibition with our gallery is aptly titled: Times Like this One. This latest collection, a series of iconic paintings and works on paper, are mostly portraits of lesser known public figures whose influence on our society still resonate, though their images have been forgotten.

In his portraiture Travis chooses subjects with broad global social status, drawing inspiration from England’s royal family, Soviet revolutionaries and pioneers of the women?s suffrage movement.

Appropriation art and use of the found object, continuing themes in Travis? paintings, are prevalent again in this new collection, a body of work that has taken almost 4 years to complete. Material comes from mundane artifacts discovered in Travis? everyday routine.

Receipts, discarded to-do lists, and photographs exposed while studying books, sidewalk sales and friends’ libraries are found objects appropriated and used to complete Travis? artworks. ?There is something about the energy of lists that I love. The truest inspiration for me comes from objects that approach me, things I find in the chaos of the everyday. Otherwise the artwork seems contrived and untrue to my process.?

Travis? portraits begin with a highly developed underpaintings relying on deeply expressive colors, aggressive brushstrokes, and smooth translucent washes. Paintings are then further developed with text, carefully chosen fonts and passages from diaries or stories about the character, and placed to build the relationship between the figure and its environment. ?These portraits are about appreciating every moment and seeing through reality. When people see through the superficial and just appreciate every moment of being alive, then a
turmoil that has gone unnoticed is brought to light.?

Founded in October of 2003 by David Kesting and Lincoln Capla, Capla Kesting Fine Art has become synonymous with the exposure of underground artists. Created primarily as a venue to expose the work of their talented group of friends CKFA has developed a reputation for
their off the beaten path approach to advancing the public?s knowledge of premier talents that demand our attention.

?We?re not here making a statement. We?re just showing art we think deserves to be shown. The goal and whole idea of the place is to help bring artists that we respect and enjoy to
the attention of the public.? ? Capla Kesting Fine Art.

Directions: Bedford Ave L train Stop. Exit the subway walking west on North 7th, away from river, 2 blocks to Roebling, then proceed south 2 blocks to North 5th. The gallery is located on the corner of North 5th and Roeblin. See the google map.

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